Standard Features

There’s nothing standard about these trailers, but they all come with the following:

Professionally designed, stylish and functional, colour scheme to customer choice

Redesigned kitchen
Efficient storage and over 15sqft of countertop space!

Sleeps four
Plus as many as you want in tents, seating for eight

Stainless steel hardware
Corrosion proof and good looks

Marine grade glue and paint
Long lasting in any environment

Custom interior woodwork
Your choice of wood, colours and finish

Aircraft grade exterior paint
Ultimate in looks, durability and low maintenance, can be colour matched to your vehicle

Stainless steel sink
With drop in- cutting board

Two burner propane cooktop
Fast cooking of your feasts. Cover also works as a serving tray

Energy efficient lighting
Halogen and CFL bulbs for longer battery run time

12V marine fridge
Highly efficient and reliable, runs while moving or parked on any angle

25 amp power converter
Powers all appliances and charges the battery from shore power

Ceramic insulating paint, tinted windows
Cooler in the day, warmer at night

LED exterior lights
Energy efficient, high visibility and 100,000hr life

Compact size
At just 13’ long by 6’4” wide and 7’ high, can be stored in any car space, no need for expensive and inconvenient RV storage

Light weight
At around 1000lbs, can be towed by most vehicles

Camping experience
Pure Fun!


Want to add more? Check out our Optional Features